Shirt Stories

  • Wongalee - Sara & Casey Anning

    Posted on July 12 2017

      “It’s so important to have someone to share not only the pitfalls with, to help you over the obstacles, but you also need someone to truly share in the...

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  • Gleeson - Em Hacon

    Posted on July 07 2017

    Em Hacon’s father Tom Keats left the family property Gleeson, northwest of Cloncurry, many times for treatment as a cancer patient. But then one day in 2013, he never came...

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  • SOTA - Megan Folker

    Posted on July 02 2017

    “When I became a wife and then a Mum, the isolation out here was a huge issue for me. I had three babies out here with no neighbours around. I...

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  • Railview - Anna Fryer

    Posted on June 27 2017

    “I don’t want to be in the city. I want to be somewhere where people are in touch with the land. I’d love to be closer to home. Be closer...

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  • Grass Hut - Vicki Miller

    Posted on June 22 2017

    You probably know Vicki Miller through her photography business (@VickiMillerPhotography). The idyllic sunset shots. Natural scenes of the countryside that spark a sense of yearning. Newlyweds in the depths of...

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  • Riverside - Holly Reid

    Posted on June 17 2017

    When Holly Reid was 13 years old, she received a cheque in the mail from her godfather for $100. Unlike most kids who would rush to spend the money on...

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  • Chardy - Miss Chardy

    Posted on June 09 2017

    “You will often find me in my walk in wardrobe hiding and crying.  I often feel hopeless and helpless, and I always feel like I’m such a bad Mum.  “It...

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  • Tough & Tender - Peta O'Neill

    Posted on May 30 2017

    “Tough & Tender describes us rural women to a ‘T’. We do it all. We are tough when we need to be in work, in adversity and crisis, but we...

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  • Wooroona - Claire Dunne

    Posted on May 25 2017

     “When I came home to work on the family property, some people were confused and tried to offer ‘advice’. Most were people who were urban based, and didn’t understand the...

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