Emma - Emma Germano

October 02 2021

Emma - Emma Germano
Emma - Emma Germano

"Finding the balance in change" with Emma Germano

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Emma Germano is a household name in Australian agriculture. Her involvement in key industry groups and bodies has been instrumental in the corporate and policy arenas where she regularly goes in to bat for farmers.

A little lesser known side of Emma is the journey and learnings along the way that have been instrumental in helping her navigate the field of agripolitics and key industry roles.

From putting it all on the line in the pursuit of a small business in Melbourne to standing in the rain bidding to buy back the family farm, Emma's journey isn't straight forward and it has come with plenty of challenges.

She truly is a trailblazer for what the next gen of ag leaders are bringing to the table and is a very, very worthy Antola ambassador!

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