Some of our frequently asked questions:

All of our shirts are a relaxed fit that's long in the arms and body to give you more movement.

All product pages have a Size Chart link under the size variant option.

A link to our sizing guide can also be found here. If you're not sure what size you normally take, the best way to ensure you select the right size for you is by finding a similar style of shirt at home & compare our flat lay measurements to it.

You can also contact us at media@antolatrading.com if you need assistance.

We accept refunds and exchanges for items within 30 days of purchase. Simply follow our returns process here for a seamless return.

We launched Antola Trading with the goal of making the best-fitting, best-looking shirts for every body while never compromising on quality. In order to continue providing you the quality you expect and deserve, we have had to make an adjustment to the price of our shirts. Due to the strain on the global supply chain joined with inflationary pressures, labour shortages both here and overseas, and the rising cost of cotton and transportation, the price of our shirts increased on September 18, 2022.

It’s important for us to explain to you the reasoning behind these changes so that you can understand why we have had to increase our prices.

We have been absorbing an increase in premium cotton prices for some time now, but when the cost of all other supply chain components increase, we can only resist it for so long and we are no longer able to sustain the same prices we’ve had since 2016.

During this time, we are also working towards being a more sustainable and environmentally responsible brand by choosing biodegradable materials containing non-harmful dyes and using recycled packaging. This is just the beginning of a very important and exciting journey for Antola.

This will allow us to keep providing the best Australian owned and designed shirts out there – shirts that lift you up, move you or simply make your day a little better.

We truly appreciate your understanding of this necessary update to our products; we value your ongoing support and hope that you’ll continue to enjoy your Antola shirts. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback – we’re all ears!

Unfortunately once we are sold out of a print they are not re-stocked in order to keep our prints more unique to their lucky owners! We do however have a mailing list that we can put you on so you will be the first to know when we have a new range being released and therefore will not miss out on any future faves! You can subscribe to our email list via the link in our website footer.

Our shirts are designed in Australia and our business is Aussie owned and operated from a rural property in QLD. We tried for a year to work out how we could make these shirts here, but in the end unfortunately it just wasn't viable for us to compete with the big businesses that dominate our workwear industry. So our shirts are made off shore but we try to counteract that by ensuring every other part of our business is giving work to Aussies and in particular rural women.

We are always looking for ways to keep any area of the production process in Australia and most importantly to us, improve the rural communities that have supported us from day one and that each of our little team live and work in every day. So we would say out of the 100% of the process that gets the shirts from my head onto your back, about 70% is derived from Australian labour as there is a whole lot more to it than just where they are put together.

If you are interested in becoming a Wholesaler of Antola Trading, please get in touch with us at antolatrading@gmail.com. If you are already a Wholesale Customer, please visit our Wholesale page to login and view available collections.

Over the years, we’ve greatly expanded the number of color options we sell. While this means more choices for our customers, it’s also presented some challenges when the colour that arrives isn’t quite what you may have expected. Most colour discrepancies arise because a photograph appears different across different media. The colours within a photograph can vary from the actual product as it moves from three dimensions to two. Product displayed on various electronic screens – phones, tablets and computer monitors will all display colour differently. With all that said, we work very hard to ensure our products are displayed as accurately as possible so the colour you see in our studio shot images on our website is as close as possible to the colour you receive.

If you are unhappy with the product you have received, we accept refunds and exchanges for items within 30 days of purchase. Simply follow our returns process here for a seamless return.

Yes, we ship worldwide!

Unfortunately we are unable to change your order once it has been paid for.

We understand the annoyance of postage fees. However normally businesses that offer free postage have just incorporated that into the cost of the product so you are paying it regardless. We have chosen to do a flat rate fee as a lot of our customers order multiple shirts at a time so the flat rate postage fee of $20 actually works out a lot cheaper than if we just passed on the Aust Post shipping for that weight/size parcel. So, a flat rate cost works out great if you’re ordering multiple shirts!