Taylor - Randall Wilksch

September 18 2021

Taylor - Randall Wilksch
Taylor - Randall Wilksch

"Championing women in the grain industry" with Randall Wilksch

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Randall Wilksch is passionate about changing the narrative around the Australian grain industry, and a good way to do this, he thinks, is to get more women involved.

Coming from a family of grain growers on South Australia’s lower peninsula, Randall Wilksh is the first to admit he fits neatly into the category of archetypal farmer. But he in no way sits idly in his stable position within the grains industry, instead, he questions the very nature of the industry itself. Are we as farmers doing enough to connect with our consumers? Are we doing enough to correct misinformation about our products? Are we doing enough to ensure our practices are sustainable? Are we doing enough to encourage more women into the industry? These are all questions Randall asks himself and the Australian farming community as a whole.

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